We will attempt to determine the facts and legal issues of those individual circumstances as well as every client’s goals to provide the most effective representation and best result for that client.

Our office charges a flat fee for all basic real estate closings, basic estate issues, and criminal as well as traffic matters. Contact our office regarding the flat rate fee.

David Babb Attorney at Law wants to begin addressing our client’s needs quickly and effectively. David will attempt to determine the facts applicable to your situation, define the legal issues and your interests as well as your goals. Every person’s situation is unique as to these facts, issues, and interests as well as goals which prevents the ability to determine what fees and costs may be in most matters at the time of consultation.

Most areas of requiring legal counsel, including family law, probate and estate planning, civil litigation, clients will be billed at an hourly rate. Many legal issues will be assessed a retainer fee which will be determined by David at the time of consultation. Total legal fees including retainers are determined based on the intricacies of the case. Questions regarding the fees may be answered at the time of consultation, or by phone call. All fee arrangements are put into a written contract to protect the expectations and interests of the client.