Our office knows each client is a unique individual, thus your concerns and legal matters are treated as unique circumstances.
Let our years of service be of service to you.

Our practice focuses on, but is not limited to, the following areas of the law: (click a practice for more info)

Starting youR own business? Are you thinking of whether to form a limited liability company, sub-chapter C or S corporation, or partnership? Not sure how to protect your personal assets while owning your own business? Are you signing a contract or need to draft a contract that will have significant financial consequences for you? In the midst of a potential dispute that could result in litigation? We understand that all of those issues can cause anyone to be anxious, uncertain, even overwhelmed. Let us help you get off to a successful start, avoid potential problems, or resolve already existing ones by giving you timely, experienced counsel.


Delinquent renters? Breach of contract litigation, and breaches of warranty problems? Call us for help with your matters whether small claims or involving substantial sums. We can assist you with these issues as well as others such as short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure, or foreclosure matters.


Contemplating filing for a divorce or separation? Thinking that you may need to file a paternity action? Adopting a new family member? Needing to address child custody or visitation issues? Are you involved in a dispute over child support? Is your former spouse seeking financial support (maintenance) from you? Have you been served with papers about any of these by another party? Let David and his staff assist you through this difficult and significant moment in your life. We know how to help you through all the complications and ramifications of these decisions.


We know that injuries caused by the actions of others can be traumatizing both physically and emotionally. Our office can help you get the proper compensation for loss of wages, loss of society, loss of your quality of life, pain and suffering, and recovery for your medical expenses regarding those injuries. We will aid you in all paper work and legalities involved in this significant and personal matter.


Taking care of a loved one? Or are you thinking of drafting a will? Are you thinking you may need a power of attorney for healthcare or property? Are you concerned that an elderly parent or loved one may need a guardianship to protect their welfare? Are you concerned about long term care expenses such as a nursing home taking all of your estate? David and his staff can make sure that your estate is prepared your plans goals can effectively be accomplished under the law, and executed correctly to assure that your loved ones, possessions, and health are all protected.


Purchasing your first home? Selling a portion of your land? Are you a landlord with a tenant problem? Do you have a title dispute or boundary line dispute regarding property? We can effectively represent and protect your interests. Throughout our years of experience, we have helped many clients through all their real estate affairs.


Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Have you received a traffic ticket? David can provide you with timely advice of your rights and options based on years of experience in defending such matters.


Have you, or your child, been served a petition alleging neglect, abuse, or delinquency? David is familiar with the applicable law and procedures to assist you or your child in protecting your rights and interests.